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French Cuisine : UNESCO Protected World Heritage

It’s obvious that the French people are very proud of their food culture and cuisine as they avidly post hundreds of photos daily on various social media sites. Unknown to many lovers of French food, French cuisine became a UNESCO protected heritage in 2010. This was made possible through President Sarkozy who called for UNESCO’s official seal of protection to establish a distinction with how the French people prepare traditional dishes that are all part of France’s cultural heritage. Some examples include foie gras, cheese soufflé, Crème Brûlée, baguettes, the smelliest cheese wheels, the freshest and tastiest mussels and snails, as well as the healthiest green salads and even the strongest smelling tripe sausage called andouillette.

What Exactly is the UNESCO Recognition of French Cuisine

UNESCO specifically included the gastronomic meals that the French people customarily serve during social celebrations like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. French food culture is about bringing people together to savor the tastes of good food paired with good wine. To the nation, French cuisine is an art form as the methods used focus on aesthetics, aromas and flavours.

Yet French cuisine is also the embodiment of the country’s food culture. It’s more than the food on the plate but also the effort applied in presenting each meal placed on the dining table. French food culture includes “dresser la table,” the art of prepping up a dining table in order to liven up a feast, large or small.

Another important practice that distinguishes France as a model not only for culinary art but also for gastronomy, is the 2008 directive that French children must observe as an eating habit. No one is allowed to refuse a prepared dish without first tasting it.

The rule is simple, children of proper ages must not reject food that they have not tasted. They are not necessarily required to consume food that does not agree with their taste. But it’s important for them to know what they are rejecting.

Deluges of French Food Selfies Being Shared Across the Internet

When Apple came out with mobile phones capable of taking high quality photos that can be shared instantly in social media sites, the French people already had so many dishes and recipes to share. Since 2017, the country’s Internet penetration has been measured at 86.8 %, making France the country with the 4th largest number of Internet users across Europe. Even if not everyone can keep up with the pace by which Apple upgraded their mobile phones into smartphones, iPhone owners simply bought a coque iphone 11 replacement to make their device look sleek and classy again.