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The cashew belongs to the Anacardiaceae family, a large family of mostly tropical trees and shrubs. The cashew tree is native to northeastern Brazil and other parts of South America. Cashews have edible seed that grows in a hard shell.

Brief History about Cashews

In fact, the name “cashew” comes from Portuguese meaning “little nut with a big shell.” To get to that tasty center, you need to roast the nuts first.

They are then shelled from their shells using either machinery or your hands, revealing an oblong-shaped kernel that can be eaten raw or roasted.

Quick Facts People are mistaken for Cashews

Cashews are actually seeds, not nuts. The cashew tree is in the same family as poison ivy and mangoes. The cashew tree produces a lot of fruit, but only about 5% become mature enough to harvest. This intricate process of harvesting cashews from the source is what makes it expensive when exported in the market.