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Macadamia (pronounced /ˌmækəˈdeɪmiə/) is a genus of four species of trees native to Australia, New Guinea, and Eastern Indonesia. They are valued for their edible seeds that grow in hard shells. The trees are cultivated for their nuts; they can be grown under irrigation in some areas where water is available.

Growing Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are an interesting crop. The trees that grow them are extremely high maintenance – they can live for up to 50 years, but only bear fruit once every two years.

Each macadamia nut is worth around $1, and the plants take three months to mature before they’re ready for harvest.

How Delicate Macadamia Trees are?

The trees are so important to farmers in Hawaii that there are even laws in place protecting them from being cut down or damaged by anyone who owns land where a tree grows. Most of the macadamia farms have been passed down through families over generations.