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Nutrition: What Gamers Should Eat?

The right diet plays an essential part for gamers who want to reach high performance. What you eat can largely determine your endurance, concentration, and reaction speed.

Avoid eating too heavy

Heavy food would mean, for example, a fatty, thickly topped pizza from the order service or a bucket of fried chicken pieces.

Difficult-to-digest foods in large quantities reduce the ability to concentrate enormously. The body first has to put a lot of energy into digesting the food. This means that the intestines and stomach are full of more blood and work under high loads. As a result, all other bodily functions have less “energy” available. In particular, the brain, which is dependent on good blood circulation and oxygen supply, then switches to standby mode when you “eat up”.

Everyone should be familiar with the feeling of just wanting to sit down on the couch and not lift a finger after a very long holiday meal. The same thing happens to a lesser extent when you eat hard-to-digest, greasy food before gaming. Even if you don’t necessarily eat too much, the body still has more work to do with digestion than if you had eaten oatmeal with pieces of banana and soy milk, for example.

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What should you eat?


The optimal breakfast for concentration in the morning is oatmeal. For a better taste and a bit of extra energy, best mixed in with a chopped banana. If you don’t tolerate dairy products, you can substitute them with soy milk or yogurt. This can fill you up for several hours. It is not heavy on the stomach and provides you with the necessary energy to be able to concentrate well reading COD Guide and playing video games aside from COD until midday.


Pasta with a sauce that is not too greasy is the ideal source of energy until the evening. Particularly, tomato sauce is good for this. Don’t sprinkle super thick Parmesan. An Asian noodle plate is also highly recommended if you like the taste.


For the evening, chicken and fish are ideal as low-fat and high-protein meats. The chicken in the form of half a chicken is also ok but without the skin. For the side dishes, it is recommended to consume low-carbohydrate vegetables. Particularly, broccoli is known as a super vegetable. You can find this vegetable on many menus for professional athletes.