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Storing Food In The Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t play with food. Anyone who generally buys few supplies and uses up groceries within a week has a clear advantage. But even then the question still arises: where to put spices or other ingredients that last longer? And how do you store vegetables and fruit so that they stay as fresh as possible?

Variety in the cupboard

Whether it’s for a week’s menu or a month’s menu. A stocked pantry inspires every master chef. Cans and bottles are stored on the shelves. Potatoes, onions, and turnips are placed in baskets. Spices, tea, and pasta are stored on shelves inside the cupboard. There is even space for kitchen utensils and crockery.

Highland Cabinetry

Orderly variety

Storage compartments in different sizes make sorting easier. Pudding or baking powder fits in narrow, low drawers, and muesli packs can be stowed behind large doors. This old gem even has glass chutes for salt, sugar, and peas.

Air-permeable doors

The doors of these kitchen cabinets, covered with wire mesh, are air-permeable and allow the food to breathe. These are good for potatoes, onions, or root vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated. If you want to protect your vegetables from insects, you should cover the doors with fly screens.

Filled to the Top

Deep cabinets can easily become a gathering place for forgotten groceries. The front is filled in, and what is behind is forgotten. Years later, during a clean-up campaign, one finds the long-sought mace – or five cans of it. This is prevented by wholesale cabinets from Highland Cabinetry. Their all-wood products are of the highest quality. They offer a range of beautiful finishes, styles, and colors that will suit your project. You can customize the cabinets to store foods according to your preferences. The good thing about this company is that you don’t have to wait long to receive the cabinets you desire.

Narrow shelves

Storing food is not a decorative end in itself. The most important thing is that groceries should be accessible. Open shelve cabinets are the best solution, preferably on narrow boards so that everything is easily accessible. Spices that are needed every day can be found here, as well as oil or breakfast muesli.