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The Most-Liked Food For Every Zodiac Sign

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Tastes can be very different. But as far as the individual zodiac signs are concerned, there are certainly preferences – at least the delivery service Deliveroo and the astrologer Kate Arbon are of the opinion. The two have teamed up to find out which dishes Aries, Taurus and the others prefer.


Aries can be real hotheads. No wonder the impulsive zodiac sign likes it fiery even when eating. Whether spicy Thai curry or spicy chili con carne – everything that drives the sweat beads on the forehead of the ram, he will like to order or conjure up himself.


Taurus-born people like to take their time while eating and enjoy every single bite. The earth sign enjoys a wide variety of foods and can be enthusiastic about all international cuisines – provided the quality is right.


For twins, the social component is in the foreground when eating. The zodiac sign prefers to enjoy his meal in a convivial atmosphere, surrounded by friends and people close to him. Because twins also like to talk when eating, bite-sized snacks such as sushi or spring rolls are exactly to their taste.


Cancer-born people, or people in the Cancer Midheaven, are pleasure people for whom good food is very important. Instead of light, low-calorie food, home cooking and hearty dishes are often served, which help the zodiac sign to come down and switch off after a long day at work.


For Leo-born, the best is just good enough. If they do not dine in the best restaurants in the city, but cook themselves or have something delivered, then only delicacies are served. Whether fine steaks, burgers with premium meat, or delicacies in French cuisine – lions want to taste everything and live up to their reputation as gourmets.


The perfectionist Virgo attaches great importance to good quality and optimal nutritional values when eating. Since the zodiac sign lives very health-consciously, a balanced, vitamin-rich diet plays an important role. Fresh salads, healthy fish dishes, and delicious organic granola bars are among the preferred dishes and snacks.


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Scales are very much in need of harmony – but at the table, the mood can sometimes tilt. The reason: Scales can never decide what they want and are often envious of each other’s food in the end. While they often try to make healthy and conscious choices, if they could, they would feast on things like schnitzel, fries, or apple strudel every day.


Scorpios love good food. They like to spoil their palate with intense aromas and do not shy away from getting to know foreign cuisines. The more spices that meet, the better. That’s why the zodiac sign also has a soft spot for Moroccan and Afghan cuisine.


Similar to the scorpion, the Sagittarius can also be enthusiastic about dishes from distant lands. The eye does not necessarily eat for him. The main thing is that the dish is exotic and surprises with unexpected flavors.


Capricorns are not very demanding when it comes to food. Although they enjoy elaborate dishes when they eat out, at home pasta with pesto from the glass or a pizza from the freezer are served at regular intervals. In this regard, Capricorn is a creature of habit and rarely dares to experiment.


Aquarians always have their finger on the pulse and always know about the latest food trends. When a trendy restaurant or a new snack bar opens in the city, Aquarians are the first to try out the new It location. Above all, fusion cuisine, in which a wide variety of tastes and aromas are newly combined, is very popular with them.


Pisces love to eat together with their family or partner because the feel-good factor is very important to them. At meals, instead of low-calorie food, they like to rely on so-called comfort food, i.e. nostalgic dishes that awaken childhood memories and are balm for the soul. This can be, for example, spaghetti bolognese or a hearty stew according to grandmother’s recipe.