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Self Storage Facilities – Why Storages Created an Impact During the Pandemic

The pandemic and its aftermath presented challenges way beyond the crises anticipated by business owners, particularly the upscale fine dining restaurants and bars. Unlike fast food chains and casual food outlets, special cuisine restaurants are non-essential food businesses. People were under orders to stay home and safely distance themselves from each other.

Fortunately, there are self storage solutions that restaurateurs use to keep some of their assets secure and safe while closed for nearly two years. Some even had to close for good, since getting the business going under the direst of conditions proved too difficult.

The forced lockdowns were followed by violent protest actions, and complaints over the limited capacity. Not to forget to mention customers who made life difficult for the few employees who were feeling the strains of the terse social and economic conditions. While these problems demanded more serious solutions, restaurant managers had, at the least, taken proactive actions of storing some of the restaurant’s important assets by renting a self storage.

Britons Exiting London and Other Cities, Buying Homes in the Countryside

In the UK, city governments saw a different trend, as people began leaving their rented apartments to relocate in the countryside. After all, families can work and study from home better, if all members stayed in a larger and greener space. Still, since some of them had to relocate as soon as possible to avoid paying more of the exorbitant rental fees, they also saw self storage facilities as the practical solution in solving the problem. Not a few man and van companies also operate self storage facilities for such purposes.

Relocating to West Sussex and Discovering its Foodie Capital Horsham

Now here’s the thing, many found their ideal homes in the West Sussex area, where Horsham is one of the main attractions, especially for food lovers. Horsham, by the way, is the home of the famous Gingerbread Man and the town is well known for its Big Nibble Celebration. The latter is a month-long festival offering traditional food and beverages, observed by Horsham food businesses.

In September 2020, the foodie capital of West Sussex held the festival virtually amidst the ongoing pandemic. Every Horsham entrepreneur who is in the food business, from restaurants, to cafes, to diners, farm shops, regular food stores and producers of local gastronomic treats like the Gingerbread Man, offered their food products for delivery and at sale prices, from Sept. 04 – 30. That alone was a confirmation that moving out of the city was not a bad decision, since life in the countryside was not as backward as some people had thought.

Many who relocated to the Wimmera district often visited the town to use the self-storage Horsham facilities, which made relocating simple, quick and easy. The affordable self-storage unit gave them more time to sort out the things they need to sell, give away, discard or to permanently keep even for sentimental reasons.