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6 Cooking And Food Documentaries To Watch

We all love food that’s why more and more people are documenting all types of food from all over the world.

Today, people are constantly documenting their culinary experiences. They’re uploading photographs of the food they’ve eaten and compiling them into beautiful cookbooks. These creations make our world a more interesting place to explore, learn about, and enjoy food from around the world. Let’s explore more about various food products from all over the world through these 6 mouth-watering documentaries. You can watch more documentaries like this from sites like uwatch free and the #1 streaming service Netflix.

Street Food

It has existed for centuries and is currently experiencing a revolution: street food. Selling food from small street food stalls has a long tradition, especially in Asian countries. This documentary presents various Asian cities such as Bangkok, Delhi, and Seoul, and their most famous street food – captured in impressive images, as always in Netflix productions.

Symphony of the Soil

Where does our food come from? The simple answer: from the earth. This unusual documentary accompanies scientists, foodies, and farmers to find out where the roots of good food really lie. Very interesting and insightful, you will look at the food on your plate with different eyes afterward!

Sugar Rush

Well, this show is more of a challenge than a documentary – but it’s just the thing for all candy freaks! Hobby bakers compete against each other in teams and try to make crazy baking creations. Not only is this fun to watch, but you also learn a hell of a lot about baking itself. This is why Sugar Rush ended up in this article!

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Ugly Delicious

Not every good dish has to look good at the same time – this is proven by the documentary series “Ugly Delicious” on Netflix. Hosted by David Chang, owner of the famous Momofuku restaurant in New York City. Each episode is dedicated to a famous dish, how it’s made – and why it’s so damn delicious. It’s about pizza, fried chicken and BBQ. Exactly the right series for everyone who doesn’t really like fine cuisine.


Michael Pollan is not a chef – but an author and Harvard professor. He is particularly interested in how food connects people culturally. That’s why he travels to different countries and cultures, always curious to learn how people cook and eat – and why cooking is so essential for humanity. An exciting documentary that gives a different perspective than other cooking shows.

Noma: My Perfect Storm

The Noma in Copenhagen – for years it was the best restaurant in the world. Today it is in second place. But what does it do to you when your restaurant is so famous and recognized? The documentary accompanies chef René Redzepi and his struggle to live up to the demands of society and his own. Always torn between creating special dishes and the urge not to lose the title. A fantastic insight into the highest of all kitchens.