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This Year’s Most Popular Foods and Drinks

The people of Britain have a deep affection for traditional fare. Here at Specialty Food, we monitor emerging trends that have an impact on product development to ensure that our clients, who are often pressed for time, always have the most up-to-date inventory possible.

Best-selling Beverage and Food Category

Read our latest trend report to learn about the culinary trends that we think will blow up. We look at the numbers behind the meteoric rise in popularity of plant-based foods, discuss strategies for meeting the rising demand for breakfast foods, and offer advice on how to capitalize on the increasing market for pre-mixed alcoholic beverages sold in bottles and cans.

Ready-to-eat Meals are Becoming Popular Once More

While the food-on-the-go industry struggled at the outset of the epidemic, coffee shops benefitted from people looking for Covid-safe ways to socialize. Now, the industry is making a comeback, thanks to innovations like’makeaway’ boxes and grab-and-go delis.

Guide to Immunity-Boosting Foods

This past year, thanks to Covid-19, people have been increasingly knowledgeable about the benefits of eating and drinking foods that strengthen the immune system. Although customers highly desire products boasting immune system benefits, those with a discerning palate still place a premium on those giving delicious flavor.