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Things You don’t want to Miss Out when You’re in Japan

Japan is one of the most widely visited countries in the world, and for good reason. The country is home to so many different cultures and amazing cuisines, making it a great destination for foodies everywhere. 

Foods to Try in Japan

Luckily, learning about Japanese cuisine doesn’t require a trip there. In fact, learning about the country’s favorite foods is a lot easier than you might think!  

From delicious sushi to savory yakitori and savory ramen, here are the best Japanese foods you need to try when you’re visiting the country.


Yes, sushi is great in Japan! Unlike the Western version of this dish, sushi is often served as part of a meal. You may even find it as part of a bento box. There are literally hundreds of varieties of sushi, but one of the most popular types is nigiri-zushi

Nigiri-zushi literally means “hand-touch” and this sushi is comprised of bite-size pieces of fish draped over a bed of rice. Another popular type of sushi is maki-zushi. Maki-zushi literally means “crab-hand” and this type of sushi is made with colorful, rolled seaweed sheets as the base instead of rice. If you got your gaming booster erfahrung with you, it might taste a bit different at first to consume it with your sushi. But you’ll get used to it sooner or later.

Wakame Nori Dressing

Also known as nori-imo, this is a dressing that you’ll find on almost every Japanese food menu.  Made with wakame seaweed, this dressing is an essential ingredient in many Japanese dishes

You’ll often find it on noodles or stir-fried vegetables, but there are even vegetarian versions available.  Try dipping some Japanese bread into this sauce to see what we mean. It’s a great way to get acquainted with Japanese cuisine!

Noodles and Soups

The soup is what makes Japanese ramen so delicious and there are many different variations. Check out two of them below:

  • Soboro Udon – Made with wheat noodles and an extremely basic broth, this is a comfort food that is shared by all generations.  You’ll often find it on the menu of Japanese restaurants, but you can also find it at noodle shops and convenience stores throughout the country.
  • Ramen – The Japanese love their noodles and you can find ramen on the menu of almost any noodle shop.  This savory dish is made with a special broth and served with vegetables or meat on top.