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The Best Vegan Cheese Alternatives for Pizza

Say goodbye to dry, flavorless vegan cheese that ruined pizza fantasies. Plant-based alternatives are booming with melt, stretch, and sizzle options that rival dairy. With so many options, how do you choose a vegan cheese for your next pizza? Cheese lovers, get ready to explore the top contenders!

Revised Classics

Shredded Cheese

Violife and Follow Your Heart make pre-shredded vegan cheeses for that gooey pleasure. They melt well and come in mozzarella and spicy pepper jack tastes.

Cashew Magic

Crafty? DIY cashew cheese amazes! The creamy, cheesy base of soaked cashews, nutritional yeast, and seasonings can be tailored to your liking.

Innovation Station

Myoko’s Mozzarella Magic

Its mozzarella shreds and pourable option are game-changers. They brown well, bubble a lot, and are flexible like dairy cheese.

Innovative Cheese

Look for chickpea-based cheeses. They have a particular texture and meltability, making them ideal for daring pizzaiolos.

Picking a Cheesy Winner

Think about your pizza-making style and texture. For classic pizzas, shredded cheeses work well, while pourable ones are great for gooey ones. Dare to experiment! Customize your cheese flavors by mixing and matching.

Final: Dairy-Free Delights

The vegan cheese world is no longer barren. You can make tasty, ethical pizzas with a variety of tasty and creative options. Grab your favorite dough, explore the cheesy options, and prepare for pizza night like never before!