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Simple Dishes For The Camping Holiday

The rucksacks are packed and the camper van is fully fueled. All that’s missing are a few camping recipes and plenty of provisions for the upcoming vacation days in the camper. Because even on a camping holiday, nobody has to do without enjoyment. Sure, pasta with tomato sauce tastes good to everyone and fills you up, but after a few days, even this classic dish becomes boring.

Fortunately, there are many great camping recipes that can be prepared quickly. What else do you need? Pot, pan, cutting board, bowl, and a few other small kitchen utensils that take up little space. Aside from kitchen utensils, don’t forget the rv camper cover. When it comes to camping, minimalism is the key.

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Camping recipes: Simple dishes for the camping holiday

Mezze Eggs

Aromatic spices such as ginger, turmeric, and cumin meet eggs and ground beef – the van quickly becomes the Orient Express. A large portion of this delicious mezze pan provides refreshment on the way through.

Pasta with tomato ricotta sauce and mozzarella

You could say that noodles are a good thing when camping. Pasta tastes good to everyone, is quick to prepare, and fills the stomach. Delicious tomato and ricotta sauce exceed all expectations.

Barley Risotto with zucchini and marinated feta

Such a risotto also tastes delicious with pearl barley. Sensational barley risotto with seared zucchini and marinated feta promises enjoyment on the camping weekend. Once the double portion has been made, you can eat from the large pot for two days.

South Tyrolean sandwich

A big sandwich in your hand and the world looks completely different. It is a combination of roasted rye sourdough bread, spicy bacon, delicious cheese, red onions and sweet apricot mustard. Every bite makes you happy.

Mediterranean bread salad with tuna

Sandwich for breakfast, grilled sandwich for lunch, and Mediterranean bread salad for dinner, bread doesn’t have to be boring. You can conjure up a delicious Panzanella made from crispy pieces of flatbread, feta, tuna, and egg. It’s quick to make and sort of goes through as a meal prep dish.

Crispy vegetable pancakes with zucchini and carrots

Royal potatoes, masterful carrots, and numerous grated zucchini as far as the eye can see, crispy vegetable pancakes are on the cooking plan. After all, fried patties should not be left out when camping.

Wraps with tuna avocado cream

After a long hike through the mountains, your stomach is growling. All the better if you can look forward to a wrap filled with crispy lettuce and a wonderful tuna and avocado cream.