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How to Eat Correctly and Not Embarrass Yourself at Restaurants

Don’t be one of the 54% of Americans who don’t know how to use a dinner fork properly. Learn about the proper way to eat with silverware at your favorite restaurant! Better read the entire content of this article as you’re about to discover tips to make sure you never embarrass yourself in public again.

Quick Tips for Restaurant Dining

In restaurants, silverware is often placed above the plate on a small piece of folded or unfolded cloth. Occasionally, if there’s a napkin on the table, there will be a napkin ring holding it together.

Watch out for the Pattern

Sometimes, the fork goes to the left of your dinner knife and sometimes to the right. To figure out which way is correct at any restaurant you go to, just look at how they place their napkins.

If it’s on your left hand side with its tines facing up towards you then their silverware arrangement follows this pattern: fork – knife – spoon – knife.