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Food Menu by Car during Pandemic



A completely spent catered afternoon with delicious food, a tourist car route through the Brabant countryside, and all its corona proofs. Participants in the driving dinner had a delicious time on Saturday afternoon.

“It was great,” said Riel’s John Meesters (59) and Caroline van Bergen (61) after eating the fifth and last course in the car at the De Commandry parking lot. Supper at the catering company Tilburg consisted of chocolate and amaretto, citrus fruits, and avocados. In advance, the participants of the driving dinner were provided with Asian carpaccio, skeletons, and risottos.

Participating restaurants

DeEksterhoeve (BiestHoutakker), Barabas (on the premises of Oisterwijk), Klooster Nieuwkerk (Goirle), catering company Bij Wijze Van Spijzen (Hilvarenbeek) face mask and gloved staff will provide everything from the car window did. To reach the pickup point at the De Commanderie terminal, the car passed through the banquet hall with the swing door open.

food-carsRally driving

The 155 cars that participated, one is Honda Pilot, etc., covered a 65-kilometer route leading to the region’s most beautiful spots. “There were some dirt roads, so I felt like I was in some rally”,  says Meesters. “But we eased it and went out on the road for 2.5 hours. Unlike driving TomTom, each restaurant provided directions to the next stop and corridor. We also had to be careful along the way as we could answer questions about which water passed or how many crossings the center of the village crossed.

The guest didn’t have to go out. Food was displayed through the window along with biodegradable cutlery, and waste could be returned to various locations. “We wanted to do something and at the same time support the hospitality industry,” says Van Bergen. It was fully deployed and thus fully compliant with Corona measures. You don’t have to eat anything at least tonight.

With Loose Screws

Driving dinner is scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, but there are doubts about its continuation. Municipalities in Tilburg, Goirle, and Hilvarenbeek are threatening to stop further progress as they cannot hold events at this time.

The consultation will take place between the municipality, participating catering companies, and Horeca Nederland. The decision is scheduled for Monday. Sjef van Roessel of DeCommanderie said: There were many enthusiastic reactions from the participants, and I would like to continue to do so in the future. If this becomes impossible, I would be deeply disappointed.