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Effective Tips to Have a Successful Food Blogging

1 Effective recipes
The foundation of food blogging is trust, thus recipes must be well vetted and reliable. Food bloggers prefer well written material that isn’t too lengthy, vague, or confusing, and that doesn’t contain errors in spelling or language.

It’s crucial to make sure that recipes are simple to read and print (without all the extraneous details). Food bloggers have made it clear that they dislike tiny, gray lettering in particular.

2 Gorgeous photographs
Both the good and bad elements of this were discussed in detail by food bloggers. Images should be big, beautifully lit, and professionally styled. They ought to be optimized and the right size for the blog. A picture of the final product should be included at the beginning, followed by enough pictures to clearly show the recipe’s steps and another picture of the finished product at the conclusion.

3 A prominent, user-friendly search bar
In contrast to other blog categories, users frequently utilize search bars to locate previous recipes. WordPress’ built-in search is inferior to Google’s site search.

If there are several “chicken” search queries on your website, make sure you have another simple way for visitors to access all chicken recipes. Monitoring what people are searching for on your website may also help you enhance the experience of your readers.

4. Responsive site, which is also mobile-friendly
For foodies, it’s crucial to ensure that their websites are user-friendly on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops in addition to passing Google’s mobile-friendliness test.

Many people—including myself—use their phone or tablet while cooking to display their recipes.

5. Quick loading
Whether it was because of adverts, enormous photos, too many images, the homepage not showing article snippets, notably the site speed on mobiles, or for other reasons, food bloggers maintained mentioning site loading speed as a critical issue. Some of the slowest blogs out there might be those about food!

6. An overview page
People seek for blogs written by people they can relate to and who share their interests and sources of inspiration. Cooking is a very intimate and private activity, thus food bloggers should make sure their about page is up to date and comprehensive enough to foster a first connection.