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7 Reasons Why Eating at the Table is Better

Eating on the couch

You’ve probably heard that eating at the table is better for you. But why is it actually better? Do you always eat at the table? Or do you sometimes eat on the couch? Or maybe you prefer to eat on the couch even if you need to hire a sofa cleaning services Singapore residents get to clean their couches.

I will explain to you why it is a good choice to eat at the table more often.

You often eat more quietly

You really take your time. When you eat quietly, you do not eat too much so quickly. If you eat quickly, you’ll feel like you haven’t eaten enough yet and you might brag again. When food enters your stomach, your stomach sends a signal to your brain. That takes about 20 minutes. So you can’t know after 5 minutes if you’re full.

Food tastes much better when you sit

That is not so much due to sitting, but mainly to the relaxation. The body is much more relaxed when we sit.

You become less distracted

You can only really enjoy the food when you are as distracted as possible. When your consciousness and senses focus on one thing. How does the food smell, taste, and taste? You also eat more when you are distracted. Just think that you have a bag of chips on your lap when you watch a movie. Unnoticed, you eat the bag empty.

It’s cozier

But of course, this only applies if you eat together with someone. You can then have a nice conversation and even occasionally put down your knife and fork. This way you also eat more quietly.


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On the table is often a healthier meal

You take more time to eat your meal, so you also do more to put a nice (healthy) meal on the table. Often the easy (unhealthier) meals are eaten faster on the couch.

It’s better for your digestion

What parent hasn’t ever said it to his children: chew well, huh! It may sound a bit silly, but it is important that you also chew your food well. Because the enzymes and bacteria that get the nutrients from the food can do their job best with well-chewed food. Poor chewing not only causes you to absorb fewer nutrients, but it can also be the cause of flatulence and bloating. Because that badly chewed food has to go through your body.

It is better for your teeth

Because when you sit at the table, you generally chew better. And when you chew, your food mixes with your saliva. If you eat quickly, less saliva mixes with your food. Now that sounds a bit distasteful, but mixing your food with saliva is very healthy. Because your digestion starts in your mouth. Less saliva through your food is therefore a worse start to your digestion. An additional advantage is that all that saliva protects your teeth. It neutralizes the acid in your food and drink that would otherwise cause cavities.

And are you never allowed to eat on the couch again?

It is really not bad if you occasionally deviate from your good habit. But just try to eat at the table as often as possible. Especially with a family, it is also nice to talk through the day.

I wish you a tasty meal!