Combining the goodness of our nut butters with exciting natural flavors
True to our philosophy, our Phenomenal flavors are also gluten and dairy free, have no cholesterol, trans fats, salt, refined sugar, use no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives and are made fresh to order.


All Natural and Organic Orange Almond
A wonderful pure orange oil essence added to either our natural or organic almond butter. The fragrance of fresh oranges, delicate taste with no added sugar.

All Natural and Organic Cherry Almond
A natural cherry oil added to our almond butter adds the flavor and fragrance again without sweeteners.

strawberry All Natural and Organic Strawberry Almond
A natural strawberry oil and strawberry pieces added to our almond butter enhance the flavor and fragrance again without sweeteners.
Natural and Organic Chocolate Macadamia
The creamy macadamia is at it's highest of decadence with the dark chocolate. This is a very rich taste. Smooth like "butter"- though only dark chocolate & nut butter, nothing else!
chocolate hazelnut
All Natural and Organic Chocolate Almond and Chocolate Haze™
For those who want a chocolate treat without the added heaviness or ultrasweet taste of typical commercial products. We start with our great almond and hazelnut butters and add our dark chocolate. Our natural is a 64% Costa Rican and our organic is a 71%. Our organic chocolate is fair trade and we use superb varietals from Costa Rica as well.
Our Chocolate Orange Almond is a mellow chocolate almond start and a wake up at the end. It started as a request from one of our customers and turns out to be a favorite.
chocolate cherry
All Natural Chocolate Cherry Haze™
We use our tasty hazelnut butter and combine our chocolate with the cherry essence to make an extremely well-balanced combo that is a first in its class.
chocolate pecan All Natural Chocolate Pecan
Using our naturally flavorful Pecan butter, we combine our chocolate and a touch of vanilla for an almost maple-caramel taste that mimics the "Pixie™ or Turtle™". Of course ours is vegan, no butter or milk products. The taste has the richness of pecans.
chocolate walnut All Natural and Organic Chocolate Walnut
This tastes like a decadent brownie, but is so good for you. The walnuts have their wonderful properties, as well as the dark chocolate. Take a spoonful of this and add it to your oatmeal in the morning, or just when you feel like a sweet would be good, but not too sweet or don't want the guilt of empty calories or carbs.
All Natural and Organic Chocolate Almond Bliss
Our chocolate almond butters with a lowfat organic coconut is bliss. Tasting like a familiar "Almond Joy/Mounds™" with all flavors distinct because they aren't cheapened or bogged down with sugars, additives etc., but mellowed from unsweetened coconut.
All Natural and Organic Chocolate Almond Espresso
The chocolate almond butter taste with an espresso ending. Our fairtrade organic coffee is added in judiciously like a chef adding spices & herbs to soup. Many office workers have called to tell us they keep a jar in their desks at work, and take a spoonful as a pick me up in the afternoons.
Totally Unsweetened Chocolate Nut Butters
For those of you interested in something totally new, having problems with "sweet", or just like the stronger taste of dark chocolate without any sweetness, take a look at our unsweetened versions. Some of our customers add their own choice of sweetener to the portion from the jar, such as stevia, agave, etc.
Note: Almonds & hazelnuts are mellow, enough to make the unsweetened chocolate almond & hazelnut butters not as strong as unsweetened chocolate walnut butter. Walnut is not "sweet" at all to begin with, so that unsweetened butter (healthy as it is) is stronger in taste.

These new phenomenal flavors are good for everyday spreads on your favorite breads, crackers, waffles and wraps. The orange and cherry almonds are a great substitution for jellies and jams when you don't want any added sugars in your meal. The flavors are very versatile and can be used in a miriad of recipes, as simple as crepes, and cookies to additions in creme brulees, If you come up with any unusual recipes, please pass them along to us. We appreciate your creativity.

Did you know: Cocoa and chocolate release endorphins (pleasure messengers) in the brain? They signal well-being and happiness. The amino acid phenylethylamine, another component of chocolate, works as a natural anti-depressant and stimulant. Combine these great properties with our healthy almond and hazelnut butter, and you have a winning combo of taste, feel good, good for you foods. Our chocolate is just cocoa & cocoa butter, (no dairy, lecithins, refined sugar) . Our chocolates are "Fair Trade", picked for their distinctive tastes. We add a minimum of unrefined organic cane to get that certain dark chocolate essence that mixes so perfectly with our freshly ground almonds and hazelnuts. We also have chocolate cherry varieties for a bit more Oomph.

P.S. Thank you chefs, who gave us the inspiration for these flavors. We also appreciate your embracing them and the positive feedback!

* In Sample Packs (Four 4oz. jars in a decorative box)
* In individual 9 ounce
* In individual 16 ounce jars

almond butter basket

Flavored Almond Gift

Our Cherry and Orange Almond Butters with a foil pouch of organic apples & cherries say "I'm thinking of you". This healthy gift idea of nut butters are just natural flavor oils and freshly ground almond butter. There's no sugar, but a really special taste. The nuts and dried fruit will hold up well in shipping even to the warmer areas.$22.95

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